Christian hip hop artist; Rapper, Singer and Song Writer, Toju Edema, who recently released his EP THE PERFECTIONIST  took to social media to clear up the misunderstandings, misinterpretations and assumptions caused by his posts on Facebook.

His initial Facebook post; on the 11th of July 2016, that received tremendous attention and comments was a post written by Pastor Mrs. Anita Oyakhilome (wife of Christ Embassy founder Pastor Chris Oyakhilome), warning Christians to “Beware of Fake Men Of God”. This post about Fake Men Of God, and being consciously aware of their claim to win souls into the Kingdom of God, when in truth they have ulterior selfish motives, spoke in depth about False Prophets. This caused an in-flow of comments and accusations on Toju’s page. Some of his followers accused him of having hidden intentions; for posting such material, challenged his stand in talking about false prophets, and a few others took his side in saying that there was nothing wrong with the post. Toju spoke to RevStreet about this post saying;

“I got blocked by two of my former fellowship members on campus cos of that post and the comments that followed, that was after they deleted their comments.” 

Below is a copy of comments screen munched by Toju himself in response to another comment made on his post;



Another post on Facebook; On the 13th of July. The post titled “12 Signs You Are A Modern-Day Pharisee
written by FRANK POWELL, uploaded by Toju, caused a lot of controversy as a result of certain Christian and Homosexual issues mentioned and poorly addressed. The biggest controversy in the post was caused by the writer’s; Frank Powell’s 6th sign in his 12 Signs You Are A Modern-Day Pharisee compilation. It read and i quote;

“You would never condone homosexuality or fornication… but have no problem watching movies that do. If someone were to preach on the evils of homosexuality or sex before marriage, a modern-day Pharisee would nod his or her head in agreement .”Yeah, that’s right preacher. Preach on!” But on Sunday night they plop down in the recliner and find humor from a movie or TV show glamorizing the very thing they just agreed was wrong.”

This raised comments and questions from Toju’s fans, followers and even fellow artists. Segun Boomsha Ayinla aka Da Boomsha (who recently dropped the video for his sensational single JANE DOE) commented on Toju’s post saying;

“I don’t agree to all the points mentioned tho… especially the homosexuality part… Do we have to act like we are cool with homosexuality just because we do not wanna be seen as Pharisees?

For this and many more of such comments regarding his Facebook posts, Toju made an upload on both Instagram and Facebook to clear up the misunderstanding caused by his recent posts. His message read;

“Hello…  So last week was a hot week for me, plenty misunderstandings, misinterpretations and assumptions as a result of some of my posts, especially on Facebook which I wanna correct. So here it goes: I would be a liar and an ingrate….”


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