Just wondering about the case of Christina Grimmie. Christina Victoria Grimmie was an American singer and songwriter, known for her participation in the NBC singing competition who was murdered on June 11th. Though the news on social media has been that she was killed because of  her Christian faith but the popular singer Christina Grimmie’s death is being investigated by the Orlando Police, and the news also stated that the death is as a result of a hate crime, after investigating the cell phone and the computer records of her killer.

It was reported that she was shot dead after a concert she attended in Orlando, Florida, though there’s no specific information about her death, but the Orlando Police department promised to investigate the case properly.

The Police department in charge of the case in Orlando stated in a tweet. ” we are still working on the case despite the tragedy at the popular gay night club Pulse that left 49 dead and more than 50 others injured. “

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