SEGUN AYINLA VICTOR aka RAPSODEE DA BOOMSHA, the famous Christian Hip Hop (CHH) artist who found Christ in the year 2000, has voiced his opinion on social media (Facebook) as regards the ongoing movement: “Black Lives Matter”.  Only recently, Da Boomsha released a thought provoking and sensational mixtape titled “Jane Doe“, featuring Barbara Lynn. The tape was dedicated to the people around the world suffering from domestic violence. In it he spoke mainly about  the pain of girls, ladies and women in physically abusive relationships.
Now, in his opinionated Facebook post he talks not only about violence and drugs as regards Black men, but also about the the ways Black men treat Black women: “as Sex Objects”. He said:

“Gun on my waist but I’m screaming ‘Stop The Violence!’ – Pusha T,off the track “Lasers”

The awful truth is blacks have killed more blacks than white policemen have killed blacks.

How do we expect the world to listen to us when Black lives don’t matter to fellow blacks?

This self-contradictory line from a rapper is part of why Hip Hop is powerless to bring about any real change in society today.

We encourage selling drugs to destroy our own people, we treat our women as sex objects and will not hesitate to kill a fellow black man for money..Yet we want black lives to matter to everybody else!

Its time to stop lying and tell ourselves the truth. We cant demand justice if we fail to hold ourselves accountable for what we spit in the booth.



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