RevStreet recently sat down with GAWVI to interview him and we talked about a whole lot, ranging from his new music, to his interest in the Nigerian culture down to his spirituality.

Gabriel Alberto Azucena (born September 23, 1988), who goes by the stage name GAWVI, formerly G-Styles, is an American Christian EDM/Electro-Pop artiste and music producer for Reach Records. His career commenced in 2008, doing production work for Lecrae and Trip Lee, who continue to be his most consistent collaborators. In early 2016, he was officially signed to Reach Records.

He’s the producer of songs like Non-fiction by Lecrae, Say I won’t by Lecrae ft Andy Mineo, Jumped Out The Whip by Tedashii and a whole lot more.



GAWVI who recently released two EPs, Lost In Hue and Holding Hue disclosed that one of his best friends, Wordsplayed is Nigerian and he has a lot of Nigerian family friends and Nigerians are, in his words, “very loving”.

“I didn’t expect a lot of things to happen to happen to both EPs. I’m just very grateful and thankful for the support from fans and uhmmm, just the energy and the vibes of people. I’m happy they love it.”

GAWVI who never started out planning on becoming a Solo artiste someday is quite a humble man who is very grateful for the unexpected success of his music as a solo artiste.




“I wanted to do something different. I’m a big believer in just giving a lot of music. Right now in the industry and in the culture, people like a lot of music fast now. I want to make sure people just have a lot of music to have fun with.”

GAWVI creates music in diverse ways; sometimes starting with drums, playing on the piano or simply singing a melody. Whatever the case, he always makes sure he has EDM influence in a lot of the songs that he makes as evident in the songs on his EPs.

Seeing that he started out producing for Hip Hop artistes, one would expect him to come out as a solo artiste doing Hip Hop, but instead he debuted with EDM/Electro pop songs. Here’s what he had to say about that;

“Everything I produced was for Lecrae or Trip Lee or Andy Mineo. When I came out as an artiste, as GAWVI, I wanted to have my sound. “

“I wanted to do something that was a universal sound that could be made with a singer; that could be made with something of Hispanic culture, Nigerian culture… I want to be able to do worldwide music that has different influences from different cultures.”


Talking about the Nigerian culture, we asked GAWVI whether or not he was familiar with the Nigerian culture and if he had any Nigerian friends.

“I know a lot of Nigerian families and they are one of my favourite peoples.  You guys are very loving and I love that”  

He also mentioned that he’s best friends with Wordsplayed who is Nigerian.

“He’s one of my best friends and he tells me all about the culture and we’ve actually been creating some songs that have Nigerian influence that we will be releasing. Hopefully we’ll come out to Nigeria and do a video there.”

Yes, look out guys, GAWVI might be coming to Nigeria soon!

On his relationship with God and how he stays connected with God despite his busy schedule;

 “It’s very important to find a personal time in prayers and going to scripture, in reading. I have a very tight circle of friends and we challenge each other every single day and we just talk about life and we remind ourselves what’s important ‘cause a lot of times life can happen and we lose focus. I definitely believe in a great, solid group of friends and also, my wife, she’s an amazing woman of God. She’s just always there praying for me and we talk through things. And then my church is an amazing place where I go and I still stay connected outside of the church where they pour into me daily and I have great friends from church too that call me regularly and they’re like, “hey, how can I pray for you? What’s going on in life, let’s talk about this”. I definitely believe in community; a community of people that are helping you and encouraging you through daily stuff because life happens where you can lose track of the things that are important”


Overall, it was a very enlightening conversation and maybe, just maybe, this just might be a confirmation of the rumour going about that Reach Records is looking out to enter the African Market. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed, stay connected with GAWVI and stay updated with



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