This is such a noble thing for American EDM artiste GAWVI to do. Not only has he released the video for his hit song IN THE WATER, he has also taken an action step to provide water for people in developing countries who have REAL needs for clean water. I can’t think of a better way to tell people about that The Living Water than this.

Set in his hometown of Miami, the video follows GAWVI and friends as they zip through the sun-kissed streets of Downtown, before taking a boat and jet ski’s out in the bay. Giving a nod to the track’s title, the film includes shots of GAWVI jumping into the water as well as enjoying quality time with his family. Beautifully shot by director Marc Sugrue, the video highlights the blissful escapism that being with friends and family can bring.

With the release of the video, GAWVI launches a fundraising campaign for charity : water, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. “I’m excited to help fundraise for charity : water with my new video release. I’ve always felt that we were created for so much more,” says GAWVI passionately. “In order for us to live that out, having clean water allows for a decrease with health issues, provides a way for healthy eating and keeping our bodies strong in order for us to live out our full potential.”

GAWVI set a goal to raise $5,000.00 and in just 6 days he’s already raised $3,203.00! To donate and to find out more information about charity: water, CLICK HERE

Watch the video below:





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