Come to think of it, it’s been quite some time since we heard from Nosa. Apparently, his fans have been asking questions, so, the Always Pray For You singer chose to answer their questions today. According to him, he’s been through hell, abandoned, forsaken, almost given up, almost drowned etc. but the good news is, he’s still here, afloat, coming up and coming out. He also asked his fans to watch out as he promises to make more music “by the grace of God”. Here’s what he wrote on Instagram:

I’ve been through hell. 
Been abandoned and forsaken but I’m here. 
Been close to giving up but I kept on.

Almost drowned but I’m afloat.

I’m coming up. I’m coming out. 
By the grace of God.

Watch out for this space.

I promise more good music as God gives me grace. 
I’m enlarging my coast.

Thanks for the love and support. 
I love you guys.


Could the first few lines be lyrics to one of his new songs? *Fingers crossed* Can’t wait for his new materials. Things seemed to be really going well for him but we know how the music industry can be and we thank God for having Nosa’s back. We love you too and We go always pray for you, sir!

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