The semi-upbeat, synchopated-jazzy track produced by Tone Jonez  grooves to the vocals, celebrating the love of Christ, and the love of a father!

KONVICTION wrote this for his late dad:

 Watching your face vanish forever behind the veil and casket has strengthened my determination to live for God alone, sharpened by the iron of the pain your absence has caused my heart. God always has been my Father in heaven, yet now…he is truly a father to the fatherless. Happy Father’s Day then… to you, Jesus, and Daddy…I resolve to see you both in due season… GROWN MEN’S RULE…


Download “KONVICTION – GROWN MAN ft. TRACY CLARK” Konviction-Grown-Man-@Revstreet.mp3 – Downloaded 49 times – 8 MB