Lecrae Devaughn Moore aka Lecrae American born Christian hip pop artist, songwriter, record producer and actor takes a stand in the discussion of relevant issues affecting the American society; the Black Americans in the society, to be precise. The “Black Christian hip hop artist” made a political and historically accurate statement on the fourth of July 2016 when he tweeted an image of enslaved Africans in a cotton field, stating very clearly that his ancestors were in a position of Captivity, En-slavery, Pain, and Suffering in 1776. The tweet set off a firestorm on twitter with many of his white American fans accusing him of making the holiday “a race issue”.

“There’s a difference between creating division and exposing the division that’s being ignored”,

he tweeted to his fans who questioned the message he was trying to convey. On the same day, he also caused a heated conversation among his followers on instagram when he uploaded a picture of Federick Douglas; titled; “The Meaning Of July Fourth for the Negro” (click here to open link to previous article).

Lecrae; the first artist to simultaneously top both the Billboard gospel music charts and the Billboard 200 with his 2014 album ANOMALY, has been in outspoken support of the “Black Lives Matter ” movement. He participated in the Ferguson, Missouri protests following the shooting and death of 18 year old Micheal Brown by a white police officer. He said on an interview with CNN earlier this year, and I quote;

“It’s unfortunate that myself as a black man cannot care about the issues that impact the black community without being seen as someone who doesn’t care about any other ethnic groups.”

Most recently, Lecrae spoke out against the use of hashtag- “all lives matter”, about the killing of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile; black Americans shot dead by white police officers in this previous week. While being vocal about his views on the equal rights of Americans and the corroding racial injustice in the country, he insists that his fight for justice and equality extends beyond his African-American heritage.

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