Bishop Marvin Louis Sapp,  American singer and song writer, founder and senior pastor of Lighthouse Full Life Center Church, located in Grand Rapids Michigan, is fed up with the unwanted attention he has been getting from women; especially the one claiming to be his wife on social media. The Bishop spoke out against this woman in a facebook post on the 11th of July 2016. The post read thus;

“#IMPORTANT This young woman has posted and has been posing as my new wife. SHE IS NOT MY WIFE!!!! The only reason why I’m posting this is not to put her on blast, however it is because she has placed a link onto her page as it pertains to my booking. PLEASE DON”T BOOK THROUGH HER FACEBOOK OR TWITTER. Also please request from both media sites that her sites be shut down/removed. Thank you all for your help and support.” 

The woman who goes by the name First Lady Annisha Sapp listed in her personal information of her Facebook page that she is currently “married to Bishop Marvin Sapp, Chosen by God, Wife, Mother, First Lady, US Government official, Entrepreneur.” She states in her bio that she has been a US immigration officer since 1998 and has been married since June 2001. She goes further on her twitter handle to quote the bible; Romans chapter 10 verse 13; “whosoever calls upon the Lord shall be saved”.
Fans and followers of the Bishop wonder if this woman is just a fraudster or a demented crazy individual in need of help…  . This is a picture of the First Lady Annisha Sapp gotten from her Facebook page;

First Lady Annisha Sapp

First Lady Annisha Sapp

A similar occurrence came to life in 2014, where Sapp was forced get a restraining order against another woman who claimed to be his wife. Later that, year he gave many outspoken complaints about his personal life being invaded by numerous women who showed up to his home uninvited. He spoke specifically about one of such visitors in his 2014 Facebook post;

“And to the woman that showed up today at 7:30am I have the make, model and license plate of your automobile and have reported it to the authorities.

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