RevStreet recently had an interview with Richie (who is such a courteous and respectful young man, by the way). We talked about a whole lot from working with Limoblaze to the reception of his first single as Richie, LIGHT. Oh, yeah, he used to go by the name Reei before he decided to scrap everything he ever did under that pseudonym and rebrand as Richie. He was very supportive of all his homies in K-Town (Kaduna) and never hesitated to acknowledge them (Steve Rawd (His producer), OJ Whyte, Charlz Dogo, Easy Bob wizzy, etc.) at every opportunity .


For those of you who don’t know him yet;

RICHARD TOSAN AKOCHI aka RICHIE is a Nigerian Christian Hip Hop artiste from Benue state. He started music when he was 6 years old. He was highly influenced by his mother, who sang in the choir. He joined the choir as a teenager and music has been his number one thing. He gets his inspiration from the Bible.

We asked him how the new found fame has affected his relationships and fanbase in general.

“It has been nice… I didn’t feel the song will get the kind of audience it’s getting now…”

Richie is obviously one who strives for perfection as he disclosed that the song Light has two versions. The first version was scrapped based on the advice of his friend Limoblaze who said, in Richie’s words it wasn’t really spiced up”

richie (4)

One of the most controversial questions in CHH and gospel music in general has to be; “Do You Consider Yourself An Artiste or a Minister?”

“I see myself as an artiste… Everybody has his own calling. I want the youths to see that we can have fun in the house of God”.

Who says believers can’t turn-up in a healthy manner?

Where he sees himself in the next 5 years?

“I see myself in places.” He said. He has always dreamed of performing in front of a large crowd and he believes he is already living the dream and in 5 years he’ll be living more of that dream. “In the next 5 years I should be mentor to some people.” He added.


Watch out for new projects from Richie coming soon on RevStreet. He has a surprise feature which he refused to disclose (Could it be Lecrae? Anything is possible). You heard it here first!


We can’t possibly know everything about a person in a less than 20-minute phone conversation but we look forward to having more conversations with Richie and sharing them with you on RevStreet. Until then, go follow the humble and talented young man on Twitter and Instagram (@richie_yor) and download his song LIGHT here.

Download “Richie - Light Ft Limoblaze” Richie-Light-ft-Limoblaze-@Revstreet.mp3 – Downloaded 196 times – 5 MB

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