The National Christian Elders’ Forum (NCEF), yesterday, Tuesday 12th of July 2016, beckoned on Islamic lead
ers in Nigeria to unstay the tenet of animosity that has been deliberately taught to Muslims; to effect their hatred for Christians and people of other faith. According to them, in Nigeria currently, it is Democracy versus Sharia in which one nation has two systems of government; two conflicting political systems.  The conflict of ideologies is the greatest obstacle to peace, unity and development in Nigeria. Nigeria is witnessing a recurring decimal of violence due to dogmatic religious beliefs and it is the legal obligation of the Muslim leaders in the country to take actions that cause a reverse on this anomaly.  The Chairman of NCEF, Solomon Asemota(SAN), in a statement signed, identified “doctrine of hatred” as the major among several factors that is currently affecting the country. His words;

“What the nation is witnessing today can be attributed to three immediate factors; the doctrine of hatred that was used to indoctrinate Almajiris in the various Islamic Madarassas in the North where Muslims were deliberately taught to hate Christians and people of other faiths.
Secondly; the concept of “sacred space” in which Islamists believe, for example, that the road leading to their mosque belongs exclusively to them. The belief is that all land on earth has been given by Allah to all Muslims and it is theirs by right, to stage a jihad and retake them.
Thirdly, the result of one nation operating two political systems; Democracy and Sharia. 
No country can make progress and live in peace when a section of the population is consumed with hatred for other citizens….
Christians constitute a significant portion of the Nigerian population and it is impossible to have Nigeria without Christians.”


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