R.R.H.P., Random Rap Hip-hop Project, has in motion a massive music project that Gamie claims will create a lasting hip hop impression on all Christian hip hop lovers. R.R.H.P. is a uniting platform built for expression, for all Christian hip hop artists and lovers.  The R.R.H.P.’s basic creation goal is to; “Create” a task and an inspiring atmosphere that allows Christian hip hop artists to express their unique God-given abilities in fulfilling set task and “Capture” from inception to conclusion the synergy and interactions of highly creative individuals as they execute a set task.
R.R.H.P. was presented by GameMan BeatzJockey in conjunction with EL Vision in late December 2013 and early January 2014. They have released a series of projects since then; “TOUCHDOWN”, ” R.R.H.P. CYPHER” and “WAZOBIA CYPHER”. 

GameMan Beatzjockey, Olumide Okesanjo, aka Gamie, a Rapper, Creative Director and the main Music Producer for R.R.H.P. talked about the massive project they have in motion in a short video on Instagram yesterday 19th of July 2016. He said;

“….R.R.H.P… project in motion. We’ve got something coming your way soon.”

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