Wear Grace, a national clothing brand focused on the promotion of Gospel Truth through the printing of Bible passage quotes on different kinds of outfits, signed a contract with celebrity gospel artist Sokleva of Rooftop MCs. The contract signed yesterday, Sunday the 21st of August, endorsed Sokleva as an AMBASSADOR for the clothing brand.
Olaitan Shobowale Hughes, aka Sokleva, is one of the pioneering Christian Hip Hop artists in Nigeria that has paved the way and set examples for others to follow. Starting his music career as a member of the duo group Rooftop MCs in the year 2000 with his partnerĀ Soul-Snatcha, the duo released four albums in a span of over ten years. The four albums “Shock Therapy”, “Second First Impression”, “The Minority Report”and “Back At One” preceded the release of “SEASONS” his debut single from his album titled “10:Twenty-Seven” in 2014. Sokleva is a multi award winner, and has worked side by side with numerous prominent gospel figures.
In his post on social media: Instagram, as he shares news of his new contract with his fans and followers, Sokleva says:

“People are going to judge the book by its cover, it’s human nature.
Why don’t you wear your conviction? If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many souls do you think a scripture is worth?
WearGrace is a brand that helps you put your garment where your faith is. And so it’s my pleasure to announce that yours truly is now an ambassador for the clothing brand, WEARGRACE!”



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