The guys at Reach Records have been facing a lot of criticisms lately. The story is, Lecrae and the 116 clique started out doing “Jesus music” with their motto being “Unashamed” from the scripture in Romans 1:16 which explains the “116” in 116 clique. Fast forward to Lecrae’s album Church Clothes, he collaborated with secular producers and artistes and watered down his lyrics, changed his vision a bit and voila! Mainstream success. Some of his core fans were disappointed. In their opinion Lecrae had sold out.

This triggered a conversation; what is Christian Hip Hop?

Let’s look at the definition from Wikipedia below:

Christian hip hop (originally Gospel rap, also known as Christian rap, Gospel hip hop, or holy hip hop) is hip hop music characterized by a Christian worldview, with the general purposes of evangelization (Christian mission work), edifying some members of the church and/or simply entertaining. – Wikipedia

From that definition we’ll see that Christian Hip Hop seeks to

  • Evangelize
  • Edify the members of the church
  • Entertain

Here’s what I have to say. CHH does any or all of the three mentioned above. CHH isn’t a genre of music carved out for the saved to show the unsaved that they (The saved) are better than the unsaved. It isn’t a self-righteous genre.

CHH seeks to first reach the unsaved which is our first commission. It is the great commission. Every believer should evangelize and win souls. There’s no set blueprint on how to do this. It can be either through music, movies, prints, verbally and/or simply our lifestyle. Whatever music you write as a CHH artiste must seek to reach the lost even when the music is entertaining.

(Redemption by Thi’sl is a good example)

CHH can also edify the members of the church. In a bid to win more souls, most people in the body of Christ tend to forget to shepherd souls already won and so what happens is we win souls, neglect them and, through our actions/inactions, send them back to where they came from; usually worse off. CHH seeks to fill that void in shepherding in the body of Christ. If your own mission is to edify the body of Christ then you must consider addressing topics like Temptation, Persecution, Grace, Faith, The Holy Spirit, The Gifts Of The Spirit, The Fruits Of The Spirit and everything it takes to run the Christian race successfully. Your music must strengthen a Christian. It’s not about you. You can use your experiences to encourage your listeners but be very careful not to use your music as an avenue for self-exaltation. It’s not about you.

( Reign by Flame is a good example)

CHH can also entertain. There’s nothing wrong with entertainment in the church, Even God, in whose image we’re created, loves entertainment. But let your entertainment be focused on Christ and also edify. We need healthy love songs for married couples and even courting singles. We need healthy turn-up songs. It is okay for some CHH artistes to create music that entertains in a healthy manner.

(Martinelli by Wordsplayed Ft Andy Mineo is a good example)

Before you decide on what kind of CHH music you want to create you must check your motive. Are you doing it because you’ll sell more or because you’ve been called by God to specifically do this kind of CHH? This is why it is important you know your vision and mission as inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Your life is too small to be the purpose for your existenceSam Adeyemi

 See you at the top.

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  1. David Eli Cañez

    I love the movement brothers I’m doing the same here in AZ in a small border town called Nogales. Like all of us,I went through tough times. I’ve wasted 11 yrs of my life in and out of prisons. Almost got taken away by the enemy when I was smaller and it wasn’t a pretty picture red eyes with a tail you get the picture right! Anyways I’ve seen a lot of stuff people don’t normally see but i thank the LORD JESUSCHRIST FOR FINDING ME in prison I was saved by the Almighty and I already started writing material for the Glory of our Father in Heaven. Spanglish Christian Rap is what I do AND I’M trying to reach the youth so they can stay away from the streets and giving them a positive example so they won’t fall into the same footsteps as I did. Again brothers I’m not ashamed of the Gospel if I can with your permission I would like to start a 116 clique here so that our Father would be Glorified and win more souls for the Kingdom of Heaven. God Bless You in Abundance. Sincerely David Eli Cañez


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