Whenever I meet a CHH (Christian Hip-Hop) artiste or any musician for that matter, one of the first questions I ask them is “Why are you doing this?” I get different answers and by the time I probe further most of them leave knowing they really need to find the answer to that question.

To be fair, it’s okay to not have the complete answer but there’s a basic answer you must have. This answer is the foundation for all the other answers you get as you go through your journey as a CHH artiste. You must first answer the question. You didn’t think I was going to tell you the answer, did you? Haha.

I would love to spell it out here ( I’m sure some of you already know what it is) but I like for people, especially CHH artistes, to arrive at answers on their own as I believe CHH artistes are some of the most cerebral people on earth. It is very important you answer this question on your own as the answer to this simple question can go a very long way to determine how you approach your career and how it ultimately turns out.

Here are some of the reasons young people decide to be CHH artistes;

  • I just love the idea of being a CHH artiste. It’s cool.
  • It makes me feel more righteous than my secular counterparts
  • I’m from a Christian home and I love Hip Hop music, hence, I have to find a middle ground
  • All my friends are CHH artistes
  • My siblings are CHH artistes
  • I’ve been influenced by CHH all my life.
  • I want to express myself through Hip-Hop without incurring God’s wrath, hence, CHH
  • I want to be like Lecrae
  • I’m not sure
  • I don’t even know
  • —————— *Silence*

So, what is yours? Why are you a CHH artiste? Why CHH?


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